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The Yesterday Story

Most people call it a labor of love, but at Yesterday Reclaimed, we like to call it therapy. What started as a hobby of building furniture to escape a high-pressure career in financial services has expanded into a design and fabrication business with a growing product line.

Lomo_Yesterday Reclaimed Name Plate

Located in the heart of Virginia’s horse and cattle country, our inspiration comes from the industrial and agrarian lifestyle of the region. Our pieces are created from salvaged materials such as hardwoods from old barns and steel from farming implements. From a hay barn in Culpeper, Virginia, to mechanical parts out of an old forage wagon, to the metal support membrane of a concrete silo, each piece has a story and carries history backed by blood, sweat and tears.

These pieces of yesteryear we’re making aren’t reproductions, they’re introductions between time and place, old and new, wood and steel. These aren’t heirlooms or ashes, they’re the phoenix children of what came before. This isn’t a mission statement, this is a proclamation of reclamation. We’re going to take the best parts of our pasts and make them the new vintage. The new classic. This is a way of living where you get that there’s honor in beauty, and that the most dishonorable thing you could do is forget where that beauty began. That’s a life, a heart, and a mind reclaimed. That’s who we are. Join us!

All Yesterday Reclaimed products are built by hand with pride in Culpeper, Virginia.

Contact: info@yesterdayreclaimed.com

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