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Supporting Cast

We are fortunate to have a great network of craftsmen, artists and skilled professionals to help our business on a regular basis with special projects.

Eddie C.

Reel Love Roque EddieAt the beginning of 2012, Roque recruited his cousin and
brother-from-a-different-mother, Eddie, to oversee
production, metal fabrication and get our shop in order. Eddie brings a unique skillset to the Yesterday family that is anchored by his background as a building contractor, electrician and welder – and amateur surfer, skateboarder, rock-climber and father of three!


Evan V.

EvanVRecent Virginia Tech graduate, Evan, is a man of many talents. He’s the tech-guru of the team, helping to develop our web site, as well as many logos and other graphic elements. As an aspiring rapper, we are hoping Evan will produce the YR soundtrack for future projects.

Jason M.


Roque’s childhood friend, Jason, is another skilled craftsman often contributing his talents and tools to the crew. Jason’s background as a mechanic, entrepreneur/Snap-on Tool franchisee and hobby machinist is the perfect blend of weaponry for the Yesterday arsenal.


Jazmyn W.

jazmyn ward jbwardphotography bioJazmyn, owner of J.B. Ward Photography, is responsible for the high-end photography supporting the Yesterday Reclaimed brand. She has traveled to remote locations in order to document our adventures in salvaging unique materials, as well as conducting commercial shoots in a studio for us. Jazmyn has an amazing eye for catching the right moment and depicting life and objects in their true form. Above that, she’s just a really cool gal and fun to work with!



 Michael C.

Michael ClarkMichael Clark, of Michael Clark Design, is among world’s best in lettering art and type design. Roque has known Michael since he was 3 years old, and when it was time to design the Yesterday Reclaimed logo, we knew he was the right person for the job. We are extremely blessed to have an original piece from this world-renowned artist and editor of Scripsit Magazine.


Marty C.

Marty Carroll Cameo Appearance TeamThe man, the myth, the legend! Not only is the character from the Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World” commercials modeled after Marty, but he’s also Roque’s uncle. Marty is a regular around the Yesterday shop, recently taking on production of our Railroad Spike Mirrors, motorcycle display pieces and soon-to-be resident blogger! When he’s not reminiscing about the history behind the old relics we re-purpose, he can be found cruising country roads on his Harley Road King Classic, hitting balls on the tennis court, or standing in for Chuck Norris.


 Raygan K.

RayganKRaygan rounds out the creative collective behind Yesterday Reclaimed. Owner of Chikpea Graphics, Raygan recently designed the logo for our Main and Davis line of furniture. She has been a blast to work with and brings a funky, hip and cool vibe to the Yesterday family. Check out her side project, Le Monkey House, on Etsy, and look for more of her graphic art contributions to YR in the near future.

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