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Culpeper Cheese Company

A rescued relic is enhanced with cutting edge technology!

When Jeffrey Mitchell, owner of Culpeper Cheese Company hired us to re-purpose a family heirloom, a 105 year old French Armoire, to house a pair of state-of-the-art Napa Technology WineStations, he knew we were up for the challenge. The armoire had suffered major water damage in a flooded basement, so bringing the original charm and character back to life required some creative work and a little engineering ingenuity. Secondly, he needed a way to house, and hide the unsightly gas cylinder used to preserve the wine bottles housed in the WineStations. In the end, we designed a steel table with reclaimed oak shelves to support both the WineStations (weighing over 60lbs each) and to provide structural support for the cabinet, as well as, a modified vintage milk can to enclose the gas tank.

Culpeper Cheese Company has quickly become one of our favorite weekly (okay, almost daily) stops for lunch and after-hour supplies for the fridge (craft cheese galore) and wine cellar!


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