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Meet the Crew

Roque \row-‘key\ Castro

Founder, Designer and Furniture Builder

A_Reel_LOVE_03Roque’s design education started at Virginia Tech, where he began his studies in engineering, then dabbled in landscape architecture and finally ended up with a minor in Studio Art. His love for farming stems from his childhood home on a Black Angus beef farm and the time he spent helping his grandfather and uncle on their Ayrshire dairy operation. After a 10 year corporate career with investment banks UBS and Goldman Sachs, he joined software firm Elysium Technology Group (www.elysiumtechgroup.com) as Head of Sales, where he is currently employed and is usually found during normal business hours (and sometimes after hours).

In 2010, he and his wife decided to relocate their family of 5 (now 6) from the suburbs of Manhattan to the “farming and horse country” of central Virginia. Now, with plenty of work space, fresh country air and a dozen years of pent up design ideas, Roque spends his free time picking through farm scrap-yards, peeling boards off of old barns and designing the product line that has become Yesterday Reclaimed.

Genetics have also helped along the way. Roque’s father is an accomplished painter, photographer and model canoe builder, his mother a graphic artist and potter, stepfather a farmer and aspiring photographer, and stepmother a professional typesetter. He lives in Culpeper, VA with his wife, four children and (less than) trusty dog. When he’s not selling software services, chasing kids or building furniture, he can be found cruising back-roads on his Harley ’72 or 1973 VW Thing. Oh yeah, and did we mention, he’s 50 percent Chamorro? Go look that one up for fun!


Curtis T. “Hooch”

Craftsman, Lead Metal Fabricator

Curtis Twomey Team Member

Curtis joined the Yesterday crew after being tricked into helping dismantle an old barn as a part-time gig. Little did he know at that time that he would be completely enveloped into the mix. He grew up in a family of hard-working, machinists and metal-workers, so was immediately handed the MIG welder and an angle grinder. Now he leads the metal fabrication aspect of our business while going to school at the same time. During hunting season, he can be found before the sun rises in a tree stand and on the weekends tinkering on anything with four wheels. He recently installed a lift-kit on his truck using only his teeth and bare hands. This former line-backer stands 6’3″, but don’t let his stature intimidate you, he’s a gentle giant.

Ryan P. “Chachi”

Craftsman, Lead Wood Worker

Ryan Powell Team Member

Ryan became one of the crew members during the same barn demo project that brought Curtis into the family. As a matter of fact, Ryan and Curtis are a double-threat highly productive entity around the shop and any job site – aka “Chachi & Hooch”. Ryan’s knack for woodworking landed him lead spot on the table saw and jointer, handling production of our table-tops and wood bases. Ryan is an avid hunter, outdoorsman and weekend adventurer. He resides on a horse farm and can be found riding around town in his “jacked-up” Dodge Ram pick-up truck (yes, you’re a pretty cool guy). Ryan has a humanitarian side as well; he joined Roque on a recent trip to Haiti to help build an elementary school.


Mitch M. “Nubs”

Craftsman, Lead Painter, Finisher & Quality Control

Mitch YR bio pic

Mitch was tricked into joining the YR crew when we needed a painter for the State Theatre of Culpeper bench order. Chachi & Hooch recruited him for the job and described him as an extremely talented, yet humble kid from their high school who loves to wrench on anything with a motor and has the “midas touch” when it comes to painting cars. He took on the challenge of finishing several benches under a tight deadline and he delivered with gleaming success! That quickly earned him a spot on the team, and he’s been with us ever since. Mitch is an avid gear-head, aviation nut and an off-road enthusiast, often found under the hood of his 1975 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. And how did he earn the nickname Nubs? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he can grow a full beard in 1 day?….Well…only Nubs can tell you that story :)


Beth C.

Chief Financial Officer, Designer

Beth ProfileBeth is the business brain behind the operation. Yes, it’s a full-time job keeping the crew on track and on budget! Beth and Roque are college sweethearts, have been married for over 10years, lived in 4 states and brought 4 kids into this world together (although, if you ask her, she’ll claim she has 6, counting Roque and dog Beamer). Beth has a History degree from Virginia Tech, is an avid Hokie fan, world traveler and accomplished furniture restorer. In addition to being a mom and helping run Yesterday Reclaimed, she is the Director of Group Services at the World Law Group and founder of Culpeper Family. If it weren’t for Beth, we’d probably be broke building hot rods or motorcycles or yard art instead of furniture and home decor.

Kelsey C.

Head of Sales and Marketing

Kelsey Profile

Kelsey has been instrumental in Yesterday Reclaimed’s development since the beginning. She is the owner of Green Roost, an earth-friendly boutique in Culpeper, Virginia, and the first merchant to carry our line of products. She is young, hip, entrepreneurial, and has a great eye for design and decorating – key qualities that lend themselves well to the Yesterday culture and brand. Kelsey is actively involved in our local community through various board and committee memberships. When she’s not managing her store, she is often found with the Yesterday  crew salvaging materials from top-secret bone-yards or laying down a bead of weld in the shop. She may have one flaw, however, being a graduate of the University of Virginia – amongst a Virginia Tech dominated group -  but we try not to hold that against her.



Supporting Cast

The Yesterday Reclaimed Crew works very hard, but couldn’t accomplish its goals without some other talented friends that have contributed along the way.  Click here to meet the Supporting Cast members.

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