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The American Cultural Icon

Cultural Icon: An object that represents some aspect of the values, norms or ideals perceived to be inherent in a culture. Yesterday Reclaimed has creatively re-purposed such icons as 1950’s American-made pickup trucks and tractors.  And, the theme of my recent blogs has been the pleasant nostalgia they evoke.  Last week I paid homage to
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Anachronism: A person, place or thing that is chronologically out of place; one from a former age that is incongruous in the present.

  In last week’s blog post, I ventured a social and psychological explanation for our present day fascination with all things restored, reclaimed, renewed and repurposed.  We now frequently hear the phrases, “What’s old is new again!”  “Retro is the way to go!”  “Old school is cool!”  This week, I want to acknowledge and admire
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